Our organization’s main goal is to amend the cracks in the education system. This is done through the creation and implementation of smart programs and competitions that assist children to realize their full potential, making it (education system) a stimulating environment for every child to thrive in. The Royal Spelling Bee is one of the programs designed to fulfil this goal.


To build The Connaissance Foundation Educational Centre. This centre will be used as a children’s educational hub where innovation, education and talent will be harnessed for the educational and economic growth of Lesotho and Africa as a whole.
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African Spelling Bee

Our National Spelling Bee is a partner of a bigger organization called the African Spelling Bee. The African Spelling Bee was initially founded by 9 organizations (Connaissance being one) and, now has more than 18 participating countries. Every year the African Spelling Bee Champion wins a full undergraduate scholarship worth more than $20 000 and many more prizes.
To learn more about the African Spelling Bee, please follow the link below.

African Spelling Bee